AI is Better When Home Schooled

As businesses slowly venture forward into the unknown depths of digitalisation, more and more companies are investing in Artificial Intelligence. AI is a broad branch of computer science. The goal of AI is to create systems that can function intelligently and independently. Artificial intelligence (AI) and its computing models — machine and deep learning — are not new, but because of the recent breakthroughs in this technology they are just starting to “come of age”.
AI has the potential to significantly augment human capabilities.
AI is more than just another technology that will drive business.  It's much more powerful. Major technology manufacturers have been increasing their investments in Artificial Intelligence or AI learning and technologies over the last few years.  These algorithms and breakthroughs are beginning to find a home in the practical business applications of today. Business trends are converging to create an environment that makes AI computing an attractive area for research and development.
The explosion of data in all its forms has consumers and businesses scrambling to find cost-effective solutions that enable them to intelligently find critical data they need to make business smart decisions. Many industries have already successfully adopted AI into their everyday business. Artificial Intelligence for business stands to transform a company into a proactive, predictive, automated and personalised branch.
While AI can bring tremendous benefits to business operations and services, each business organisation needs a specialised form of AI to address their needs. AI for business should not be "generalised", it should be specialised.  When applied to a companies’ data and experience AI should leverage that in-house expertise to deliver competitive advantage.
Headline grabbing cloud-based AI is generalised and often very expensive over time. AI for business is more useful and efficient if it has specialised intelligence. A company should figure out what problems can be solved and which of their business needs can be addressed by AI and then tailor a solution to solve that problem.
The good news is that AI is not a complex and mysterious tool for business. In reality, everyone can have an intimate understanding of AI and put it to work today. That said, while AI can be integrated into an organisation, businesses should not rush in without understanding its full potential and risks.  Companies should have a clear vision and a comprehensive portfolio of key technologies to capitalise on. They should also work with knowledgeable partners that have experience in these emerging technologies.
Dell Technologies provide the Infrastructure and technology partners to develop in-house "educated" AI. Dell currently does not offer pure play AI or machine learning solutions themselves, but they are partnering with proven leaders in this space aimed at making business AI cheaper, faster and easier to apply to everyday business needs. Dell EMC is at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence, providing the technology that makes tomorrow possible, today. Dell EMC can help businesses capitalise on the latest technological advances, saving time and money while reducing risks. To learn more about Dell Technologies and Artificial Intelligence, visit here
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